Patient Participation Group

Our Patient Group, Barnabas Patient Voices, is made up of the Practice’s patients and carers who meet regularly with the doctors and Practice Manager, in person or virtually over Zoom.

The group’s aim is to foster cooperation and communication between the doctors and patients and help the Practice to improve and develop, thus enhancing the overall health of patients.

This is important to us!  It is by patients telling us what they want, or what we are not doing as well as we could, that we are able to both develop the practice and give patients the best healthcare we can.  It is to everyone’s benefit.

The group meets every couple of months on varying days and times to allow as many as possible to join the discussions at least occasionally.  Members of the group may also choose to contribute via email, the Facebook group or even using old fashioned pen and paper; this allows those unable to attend meetings to contribute.

Membership of Barnabas Patient Voices is open to all patients of the practice and their carers, and to all the Practice staff.  If you would like to join Barnabas Patient Voices, please complete the Membership Form or drop an email to

One of the regular tasks which the group has undertaken is to help the Practice with their annual patient survey.  We also manage the production of the Practice’s quarterly newsletter, Barnabas Bulletin; maintain the What’s Where near Barnabas list of local facilities, especially aimed at helping patients new to the area; and have a monthly members’ update communication.  In normal times the group oversees the noticeboards etc. in the waiting area and spends time talking with patients.  Many members also have valuable skills which they can offer the Practice.

Barnabas Patient Voices is governed by its formally agreed Terms of Reference (revised March 2022).  Minutes of meetings, Annual Reports, and summaries of our activities may be found on the Barnabas Patient Voices website,

The group’s current Chairman is Keith Marshall who may be contacted on  You may also leave a message with reception.

Contacting Barnabas Patient Voices

You may contact Barnabas Patient Voices with suggestions, comments or feedback; or to join the group.  Please use any of the following:


General Email:

Chair’s Email:

Facebook Group:

In Writing: Please leave a note with Reception at the Medical Centre